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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Personal Development Plan

My Personal Development Plan.
My exposure and experiences in this program has fired my motivation to continue my educational goals. While I am aware of the financial responsibilities and constraints as a mother, a student, a professional, wife and supporting my two older boys in college. I have to be sensitive to the immediate need of my family, who has been extremely supportive of my success up to date through thick and thin.
Throughout the program, I interacted and struggle with some aspect of the using technology.  Shortly after,  I started my  graduate program  I realize the  need to  change my specialization  from online learning  to “Training and Improvement”.  This is because I strongly felt that I need substantial knowledge to function as expected and desired in higher level technological program.  Moving forward, I want to acquire the knowledge by getting a formal education on the use of software technologies.   There are a thousand and one YouTube videos for learning, Lydia.com and many tutorials. I discover they mostly get me to the solution. I want to know the details. Possibly get a certification in Adobe   Photoshop and Dreamweaver.  I want to do better than work with a tutorial. 

An opportunity to practice.
 I want to get a job in the field of Instructional Design to enable me practice some of the things I just learned in this program.  I know that I do not want to teach in elementary or High school. I will update my resume and apply for a job. Not sure how that will go, considering the financial crisis. I have a plan B. I am preparing to volunteer at the local community college and universities. I am on vacation all week in Virginia Beach.  Nowadays, I am analyzing every aspect of whatever I am involved with. I sometimes initiate a discussion on the best approach to help people get things done especially, if they are struggling.  I like to know why they are using one approach versus the other.

 CPT Certification.
I want to get my membership for the International society for performance Improvement.  I investigated how I can obtain my CPT certification.  My organization tuition reimbursement fund can assist me to obtain this certification.  CPT certification is very important to me. In the future, I am planning to retire in Nigeria, and I feel that I can use my knowledge to create a training solution organization.

Continuing Education Plan.
 I will like to pursue my education and obtain my PHD. I have a lot on my plate right now. I need to figure out the financial aspects of my intention.   I look forward to talk to my advisor when I finish my grad program. I will like to return to Walden for this program. I am passionate about continuing my educational goals because it will continue to increase my exposure to the educational forum that I value. There is a lot to learn, and I look forward to be the best in all I can be.


  1. Folashade,
    I liked the fact that you started your plan with some goals you would like to achieve with you professional development activities. Volunteering your skills is certainly a good way to get experience and also get noticed and network with potential employers. I would have liked more detail on how continuing education would help you achieve your career goals. What is the fourth type of personal development strategy that you would utilize?